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Jamie Warnock is a talented musician and audio engineer who was born and raised in Williams Lake, BC. At the age of 18 he moved to Vancouver, BC, to attend The Art Institute of Vancouver. In March of 2014 he is set to graduate from the Professional Recording Arts program. Jamie started music at a very young age. When he was 5 years old, he received his first guitar at Christmas and even though he couldn’t play it then, that guitar changed his life. For a few years after he received the guitar, it just sat in his closet collecting dust, until one day, his cousin, Ian, came to visit and asked where it was. Jamie told Ian that he’d been keeping it in his closet and Ian turned to him and said, “Go get it, that’s no place for … Read More »


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Affection, belonging, loss and nostalgia: four themes that encompass the lyrically driven music of The Written Years. These subjects are constantly questioned throughout the band’s songs, delivered passionately and honestly through Wade Ouellet’s melancholic acid-tinged vocals, Kane Enders’ unexpectedly triumphant drum lines and Kodie Krogh’s melodic and memorable guitar hooks.

Together, these three people are able to create a sound not currently heard in the Vancouver music scene, merging together a unique combination of indie alt. rock, traditional folk, post rock influences. Described as “Winter Music”, the result of all this manages to feel both incredibly intimate and uncomfortably isolating and is backed by a highly energetic live show – made possible by a revolving cast of friends, helping to make each one a completely different experience.

After six years in the making, The Written Years released their debut album on January … Read More »


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It’s been less than a year since the release of their debut album Brother, Wake Up, but that hasn’t even crossed the mind of Vancouver progressive folk band The Tourist Company. The group embarked on their first tour in the fall of 2013, with the original trio of Taylor Swindells (vocals/guitar/trumpet), Jillian Levey (vocals/percussion/glockenspiel/keys), and Brenon Parry (drums/percussion) expanding with the addition of a new member: Guatemalan-born, and Mexico/Oregon-raised bassist and multi-instrumentalist Josué Quezada. With their new ensemble complete, the band left audiences across Western Canada stunned at this fully developed, confident band that boasted infectious harmonies, intricate slower melodies, and clap-along beats.  

The Tourist Company have heard their newfound fans’ desire for new tunes and answered with SPACE RACE EP. Harmonies swell, drums roll and surprise you at every turn, and the tunes are varied, yet catchy. Lead single “Irrepressible … Read More »


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Rain & Pocket Change was the captivating 2010 EP of moody indie-pop from Canadian singer/songwriter Joel Willoughby. The bouncy radio single Hazelnut Moon was placed on the Hollister International playlist and was all over College Radio. Joel’s most recent project is entitled The Radio Friendly EP, and it is exactly that: A collection of his last few singles (including Hazelnut Moon) with remixes of each, + a new track. The album was recorded with longtime producer Jonathan Anderson (In Medias Res, Aidan Knight, Zaac Pick).

Joel has been writing & performing in various bands for over 15 years – drumming in Vancouver’s Maplewood Lane and Dawntreader before going solo. Joel has shared the stage with bands & songwriters alike – at folk fests, clubs & coffeehouses around the Northwest U.S. & Canada. He’s released a few earlier albums & songs from … Read More »


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