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Reaching 62 F is an instrumental Post-Rock Band from Philippsburg, Germany. It consists of Ben J. Ashbrooks (guitars), Rupert Benda (keyboards & synthesizers), Keven-Yannic Iwansky (bass) and Chris Weick (drums). The Band started out as a music project between Ben and Chris, who have been playing music together since 2003. The earliest ideas and demos date back to 2011. In late 2012 Rupert Benda, a fellow student Chris, joined the group. Keven-Yannic Iwansky finally completed the line-up in October 2013.

The four musicians have decided to tear down the walls between different music genres! The name of the band is a homage to the newly discovered planet ‘Kepler 62f’. This extrasolar planet is a potential candidate for an environment capable of evolving organic life.

Reaching 62 F stands for open-mindedness and the curiosity for discovering new musical ideas. By using unconventional song … Read More »


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Affection, belonging, loss and nostalgia: four themes that encompass the lyrically driven music of The Written Years. These subjects are constantly questioned throughout the band’s songs, delivered passionately and honestly through Wade Ouellet’s melancholic acid-tinged vocals, Kane Enders’ unexpectedly triumphant drum lines and Kodie Krogh’s melodic and memorable guitar hooks.

Together, these three people are able to create a sound not currently heard in the Vancouver music scene, merging together a unique combination of indie alt. rock, traditional folk, post rock influences. Described as “Winter Music”, the result of all this manages to feel both incredibly intimate and uncomfortably isolating and is backed by a highly energetic live show – made possible by a revolving cast of friends, helping to make each one a completely different experience.

After six years in the making, The Written Years released their debut album on January … Read More »


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This Patch of Sky is an instrumental/post-rock band from Oregon, USA.  Their 2nd full length LP, S/T, is a new stepping stone for the band as they begin to shift their focus on creating more of a soundtrack vs. individual tracks. As a result, S/T gives you a more powerful, atmospheric, and cinematic album that gives the listener a chance to either stay engaged or simply drift away. With the addition of cellist Alex Abrams, the band continues to grow in their writing style which becomes clearly evident in this release.

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Coming from the same city that’s home to two post-metal heavy hitters, Russian Circles and Pelican, Chicago’s Rocket Miner have carved a decidedly non-metal niche for themselves within the scene. Where Rocket Miner really stand out, not only from their hometown contemporaries, but in the genre as a whole, is their ability to write songs that don’t adhere to some of post-rock’s more tried and true characteristics. But while Russian Circles and Pelican take darker turns and incorporate metal-esque riffing, Rocket Miner’s songs tend to blossom in slow-motion, like flowers blooming, giving plenty of time to allow the sweeping grandeur to earn its reward.

The band has performed with other sonically-minded bands (Junius, Spindrift, The End of the Ocean, Secret Colours, Cowboy Indian Bear) as well as those from overseas (Denmark’s The Foreign Resort; Brazil’s Labrinto), and have taken to … Read More »


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Autumn Moonlight was created in 2009 by Tomas Barrionuevo and Mariano Spadafora, in Berazategui, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Its musical style is mainly a fusion between Post-rock and Progressive rock. After releasing their promotional EP on the Internet in 2009, the record label “Viajero Inmóvil”, brought forward a proposal to publish the band’s first LP, “The Sky Over Your Shoulders”, which was finally released in October, 2010.  

By the end of 2010, Gonzalo Duarte joined the band on drums. A number of rehearsals were made with him, which ended in January, 2011, with the recording of 3 tracks in a live session at Calle 5 Studio (Berazategui, Buenos Aires, Argentina). Later, in 2013, this material was remastered in order to be released as the band’s first EP, under the name of “AM Live Sessions”.

In October, 2012, and also with the record … Read More »


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Danny F. Santos is more than your standard beard growing musician, he’s a multidisciplinary artist known for graphic design, writing, acting and even webcomics. His very first four song EP ‘Waiting for Saturn’ was released March 7th, 2014 in a style he has described as “take grunge with a post rock infusion and smack it’s face in with a synthesizer.” 

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Danny began playing guitar as a past-time hobby rescuing a guitar from his older brother’s closet as a teenager where it was collecting dust. It wasn’t until a few years ago he decided to start seriously writing songs and finding his own unique musical voice.

While ‘Waiting for Saturn’ marks his first release, Danny is already hard at work on his sophomore EP with plans to release a new EP every six months for the next 2 years. … Read More »


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After Osmosis is a melodic post-rock project from Albuquerque, NM. A.J. McQuay (guitar) started writing songs for an instrumental EP in May of 2013.  It wasn’t long before two friends and fellow musicians expressed interest in joining him.  He, Jon McMillan (bass) and Ian Byrd (drums) play together most Sundays at Desert Springs Church and have collaborated on several recording projects since 2010, and their chemistry can be heard on the After Osmosis EP.  The three members have a diverse set of influences resulting in a sound unique to the world of post-rock.

The four song self-titled EP was released on February 25th, and is available at Bandcamp at

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Featuring former founding members of The Parachuting Apostles, Kenny Luu & Branden King and graphic designer Gavin Renwick, these Philadelphia natives are ecstatic members of the independent rock community. With a sound ranging from power grunge to post rock and a flair for the musical drive of the nineties, Andalusia deliver an energetic and calculated sonic concoction.

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Coriander began in November 2012 when Matt Hamer (vocals, guitar) and Ryan Stoldt (bass) decided to start a more serious project after attempting to form a songwriting group at Wichita State University. Adam Lutes joined on drums shortly after, and Michael Engdahl, a jazz guitar major at WSU joined in February 2013. The resulting sound was a hodgepodge, blending rock with folk and alt-country, jazz, and post-rock elements. Not content to adopt a singular style, they play off of each other’s strengths to produce music none of them would have on their own.

Coriander started tracking their first album, Old Invitations, in June of 2013 in the home studio of another Wichita musician and sound engineer, Daniel White.  It is a collection of songs largely inspired by Matt’s first year of marriage. The lyrics are introspective and confessional, and paint a … Read More »


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