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Reaching 62 F is an instrumental Post-Rock Band from Philippsburg, Germany. It consists of Ben J. Ashbrooks (guitars), Rupert Benda (keyboards & synthesizers), Keven-Yannic Iwansky (bass) and Chris Weick (drums). The Band started out as a music project between Ben and Chris, who have been playing music together since 2003. The earliest ideas and demos date back to 2011. In late 2012 Rupert Benda, a fellow student Chris, joined the group. Keven-Yannic Iwansky finally completed the line-up in October 2013.

The four musicians have decided to tear down the walls between different music genres! The name of the band is a homage to the newly discovered planet ‘Kepler 62f’. This extrasolar planet is a potential candidate for an environment capable of evolving organic life.

Reaching 62 F stands for open-mindedness and the curiosity for discovering new musical ideas. By using unconventional song … Read More »


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The four guys in Trinity had been making music for a long time, but in 2004 they discovered their winning formula. They created their own sound by combining Latin-American and Irish influences with all sorts of world-music. Popmusic with world influences: Worldbeat. The musical journey so far has led the four men to six albums: Inicio (2007), Cada Dia (2009), Este Momento (2010), Pueblos Todos (LIVE) (2011), Qué Mas (2012) and MUNDO (2014). They have sold tens of thousands of copies of their albums. Their music is lively, emotional and festive. Pleasing to the ear and the dancing feet. The band characterizes itself further by combining various languages like Spanish and English but also Zulu and French. For MUNDO Trinity worked with producer Gordon Groothedde to further develop their sound and to integrate the various influences to a unified whole. … Read More »


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Based out of Denmark, Vestbo Trio is quickly gaining new ground and turning new audiences on to their music. Using electric guitar, double bass and drums, Vestbo Trio play their hearts out to open yours – something the group’s vibrant, melodic music will surely do!

Steeped in the blues, with a knack for coming up with catchy melodic themes, Vestbo Trio could be the band that draws you to instrumental music again!

Vestbo Trio’s latest release “Flowmotion” was recorded live with a studio audience, thus combining the great vibe of a live recording with the high sound quality that’s only achievable in a record studio. “Flowmotion” shot straight to #1 on the Danish iTunes Store Jazz Chart on the day of it’s release. Later that same week, noted music blogger Andrew Dubber selected “Flowmotion” as a Staff Pick on Bandcamp ( This … Read More »


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In 2012, two sound engineers from Germany started to concept and build a new recording studio in a city called Cologne. Along the process, one of those fellows, Heiko Lohmann, recorded lots of guitar and drum tracks, containing a lot of instrumental stuff. By the time the studio was built up and ready to receive clients, Heiko ran into an old friend, Olga Polasik, and they started to collaborate, because she could add the missing component to the music: the vocals. From that moment, Spare Planet was born.

A couple of months and tons of recordings later, their debut EP ‘Exit Straight Ahead’ was ready for release. And while further writing of songs is already in progress, it does not seem to be their last output… far from it!

Spare Planet is excited for the new music they are writing and … Read More »


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Jann Klose’s new album MOSAIC is a sonic, lyrical and emotional mosaic from an artist known for his multi-cultural roots, a widely-faceted career, and a “soaring voice” that “wins over the listener” according to the Washington Post. The LA-ist was truly on point when it wrote that Jann “can be accurately described as the man chosen to carry on the legacy of great musicians like Tim Buckley and Paul McCartney.” Soon after MOSAIC entered the Roots Radio charts above Bruce Springsteen, Sheryl Crow and Wilco at #22, the album ended up on first round ballots for the 2014 GRAMMY® Awards for Album of the Year and Pop Vocal Album. 

TIME Magazine Columnist Joel Stein pranked Jann in his June 2013 column. WFUV radio stalwart Vin Scelsa devoted a few of his famous monologues on Jann on his show. Genya Ravan spinned … Read More »


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Limestone Whale is a classical trio from Schwandorf/Munich (Germany, Bavaria) formed by Clement Hoffer (bass, vocals), Florian Kiss (guitar) and Timo Reinhardt (drums) in December 2012. Early in 2013 the band’s first demo single appeared and attracted greater attention in the regional music scene. Limestone Whale’s first gig in March 2013 was a major hit then and brought the band also beyond regional borders. From then on things developed very quickly. After gigs with highly recognized bands like The Grand Astoria or Simeon Soul Charger, August 2013 brought the first successful mini-tour with Swedish‐70s-rockers Molior Superum. Shortly after the mini‐tour working circumstances led to a band lineup change. Timo had to leave the band and Limestone Whale efficiently works with Andreas Urban as a stand-in drummer since then.

A few months later Limestone Whale did their first European Tour as support … Read More »


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Centered around soaring melodies and virtuosic guitar playing the “Ben Eaton Trio” are a must see live force. Rounded out by Chris Gilbert on bass and Michael Grabbe on drums this experienced and versatile group combine the music of blues, jazz, soul and funk into a heady mix delivered with high energy and foot stomping beats. After launching the EP “Life gets in the way” at the 2008 Noosa Jazz Festival the boys have built a strong following off the back of stunning live showcases.  Their second EP “The Hunger” quickly shot to No 1 on the Reverbnation alternative charts for Queensland in February, even before its release in June 2011,  and has been there ever since. After a successful solo tour of Germany and England in July 2011 to support the release of “The Hunger” and explosive sets at … Read More »


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plus49 are a band without stylistic boundaries. For 10 years they have been focussing on projects, creative ideas and musical experiments. Music has always been their focus. plus49 stands for motion and constant change. They have released various records, singles and soundtracks. They composed the announcement signal for Cologne/Bonn airport, music for art exhibitions and TV productions. The idea behind their third album “Integrity and Injury” (2009) was to compose 18 songs – each of them with its own style, all totally different from each other. Thus plus49 created a little piece of art, music that is entirely unique like the track “Naive Brother”. After having finished “Integrity and Injury” and having been creative despite commercial pressures and regulations, the band has been able to concentrate on their concerts and single projects over the last years.

After the beautifully melancholic “Sad … Read More »


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